Libyan children return to school after uprising (Al Jazeera's video)

About 1.2 million Libyan children are going back to school, for the first time since Libya's revolution started.
But many schools have been destroyed and most do not even have basic facilities.

New chapter for Libyan education (video)

After being under the rule of Muammar Gaddafi for decades, Libyans are now working to overhaul what is being taught in schools and universities.


A new school year and building a new Libya (UNESCO)

On Saturday, 17 September schools in Libya will reopen their doors.
The start of this new school year is, in my view, the real starting point for the reconstruction of Libyan society.

UNESCO to resume cooperation with Libya

"I welcome the return of Libya to the international community,” the Director-General said. “We stand ready to help the Libyan people in advancing human dignity and rights as part of a new era. May the raising of the new flag of Libya alongside those of UNESCO’s other Member States, herald the dawn of an age of reconciliation and recovery for the country.


Communities band together to reopen schools damaged in the Libyan conflict (video)

UNICEF correspondent Guy Hubbard reports on the efforts made to reopen schools and make an education a priority in Libya.